Advice and Support

Customers and partners trust an expertise that has been built up for over 25 years. Numerous projects were accompanied from planning to operation. Some projects just needed support due to giving advisory or specific requirements were actively implemented. Occasionally, the necessary knowledge has been imparted, by means of which the customer was put in a position to solve the challenge himself. The experiences from the training area are very helpful to allow knowledge transfer to take place. In many cases, the expertise has been used to evaluate existing systems and to show potential or possibilities for optimization.


Vendor independent, Cisco and VMware

Training activities started in 2005. Initially, these focused on network basics. This included, among other things, the Cisco area. Due to existing projects, however, the focus was relatively quickly on the area of VoIP. Of course, the topic of networks was not neglected. Because of experience due to various projects, the topic of virtualization could not be ignored and was supplemented.