Support with daily business

Daily recurring activities

Setting up new telephones, setting up call numbers, adapting call groups, activating answering machines, setting call diversions, assigning call authorizations and many more are typical tasks of 1st level support. The 2nd or 3rd level support takes care of more far-reaching requirements such as setting up hotlines in the call center, creating scripts, integrating new systems, checking backups, monitoring the systems, integrating new locations and lots of other topics ...

Expansion of the environment

The UC area is constantly developing and opening up new opportunities. Those new features are available for on-premise, cloud or even both deployments. Staying up to date can only be achieved through ongoing training in the relevant areas. This allows the customer's systems to be kept up to date with the latest technology. But new features are not always in demand. Sometimes there are only expansions to expand the capacities.

Moving on with SIP

One of current major topic is to switch from ISDN to IP-based connections (SIP trunks). There are different providers with different requirements regarding SIP communication. Connections have been successfully implemented as part of various projects and workshops.

In any case use the contact methods to get the support you need.