Basis for implementing a solution

a detailed design helps to to make implementation easier

The successful implementation of a solution depends on the design it is based on. Based on the planning, a design is created in close cooperation with the customer. Depending on the customer's wishes and tailored to the size of the environment, there is only one design or one high-level design and different low-level designs.

A high-level design does not go into all the details, but focuses on the dependencies of different smaller components. For this reason, the level of detail is increased in the specific low-level design. This can be, for example, detailed information about networks and individual servers with the services required there. The redundancies are also described in here while the high-level design just assumes there is a redundancy.

Sometimes the requirement is to implement a certain system based on already ordered hardware. The best possible design can be created here within the possibility of the components ordered. Based on experience, it has also been shown in the past that in the context of the design it was still possible to show products that should be added or are sometimes not necessary at all.

If a design is available, the implementation can begin.