The deployment

Installation und Configuration

The soution will be implemented on the basis of an existing design. If the present design provides all the necessary detailed information, only variable parameters such as new phone numbers, desired announcements or the exact locations of the systems need to be coordinated during an installation.

An installation is carried out as a pilot based on the customer's specifications. On this basis, initial acceptance tests can be carried out. If an environment already exists, it must be clarified whether the new system will be set up in parallel or whether the old system will be completely replaced by a certain date. Often a parallel operation is desired, by means of which the previous system is gradually replaced.

The possibilities are diverse and should already be included in the design phase in order not to run in trouble. Various scenarios were implemented in different projects.

If the implementation has taken place, there is generally a handover during which the customers are instructed in the new system.

If required, further operational support can also be offered. This can also be limited to specific topics such as troubleshooting.