Moving on to latest technology options and troubleshooting

Elemintion of historically grown conditions

Everybody knows certain problems with integrations of legacy solutions. These are not always avoidable. In certain situations it is just about phone numbers that are no longer in use. Sometimes it is a confusing numbering plan or resources that are still configured but no longer in operation. With updating the solution very often not all possible optimizations have been implemented. These can be taken care of by reviewing the systems. Some projects also dealt with a simple review of the systems with regard to optimization potential.

Changeover to latest protocols

First step in moving from traditional land lines like FXO, T1, E1, ISDN or any other is to integrate with a new SIP trunk. Since a mixture of traditional and modern protocols might end up in unwanted or unneeded resource usage the recommendation is to check the entire environment for any other traditional protocol being used. Depending on the result and used services the usage of SIP can be forced for most of components. Even though the numbering plan can be checked since even number conversions very often can be reduced using SIP.


Some configurations might end up in side effects that should not happen. Not always the newest and greatest software version works as expected. Different combinations of services do not work together. For all this kind of trouble a troubleshooting can be offered to customers.


Being up to date helps not just to get all new features but also close know vulnerabilities. For this the typical procedure is to check out the current components and software versions in use. This ends up in a list including phone models, version of Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM), Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE), Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) and all others even 3rd party integrations including the virtualization environment and servers used. If needed even though switches can be included in any pre-update check. Based on this any dependencies can be found and evaluated. In preparation of doing that update there will be a schedule when to do what and which result is expected at which step.

In any case use the contact methods to get the support you need.