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In the VMware environment, there has long been the option of virtualizing servers (compute resources) and thereby integrating multiple servers on one and the same hardware. This option was one of the first points of contact with VMware Server. Desktops are now being virtualized, and storage as well as the network are being virtualized. Classically, there is typical network administration on the one hand and VMware administration on the other. Sometimes two different points of view meet here. A neutral or mediator can be helpful in this case. A network can have highly complex requirements that the server side may underestimate. On the server side, there is sometimes a need to establish communication channels at short notice without waiting for complex changes in the network. In the course of time, both worlds have come a little closer.

Very few networks today can do without virtualization. There is therefore a need to deal with virtualization in principle as well as specifically with network virtualization.

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