an extract from the project history

Selection of executed projects

This overview is intended to give an impression of the services offered. Use the contact options to discuss your project or to find out more details. Projects have been successfully carried out in small companies with a few employees, public institutions and also in the world's largest private employers.

Support to achieve a certification

In order to achieve a certification, concepts of a UC environment were examined. In addition, there was a need to revise the operating documentation. As part of these activities, the existing concepts were checked against the implemented system and discrepancies were discovered. In order to achieve the desired certification, some concepts had to be adapted and necessary adjustments to the implementation had to be pointed out.

Conversion of a numbering plan to E.164

An international group needed support in converting the number plan to E.164. A concept was developed on the basis of which the site was converted from one site to the next. It was important that the old and new phone numbers could be reached during the changeover phase. In the course of the changeover, connections were also changed from ISDN to SIP. The changeover considerably simplified the configuration in the CUCM as well as on the gateways and CUBEs.

Update on a 24/7 environment

As part of the update of a CUCM cluster of a public utility company from 10.x to 12.x, a plan was drawn up that considered both the core components and the connected gateways, Unity Connection, Expressway and the endpoints. The changeover took place gradually during non-productive times. It was important that the connected Enterprise Contact Center and important emergency numbers were permanently available (24/7). The customer expressly thanked for the smooth implementation without any incidents.

High Level Design on-premise with Webex-Cloud integration

In the course of introducing a Cisco UC solution at a bank, a high-level design for the video area was developed. This served as the basis for further work. The Cisco cloud solutions currently offered, specifically such as Cisco Webex Video Mesh, were included.

CMS integration

The previous Cisco Telepresence Server was replaced by the successor Cisco Meeting Server (CMS). Design and planning were discussed and implemented. The system was incorporated into the existing Cisco TMS so that meetings can still be planned. The previous look and feel has been retained for users.

BE6000 installations

Cisco offers a package consisting of hardware and software. This includes, among others, CUCM, IM&P, Unity Connection, Expressway and UCCX. As part of various projects, this package was tailored to the respective customer and a complete implementation was carried out.

UCCX hotline facility

Setting up a hotline in the UCCX is generally a relatively short process. In a special case, an implementation was carried out for a call center that serves different customers. The special challenge was not to allow the caller to draw any conclusions about the use of the call center for different customers. Thus, among other things, different waiting loops had to be implemented that use different announcements and music on hold, as well as clearly showing the agent which customer the call is for.

2ND / 3RD level support

Sometimes designed for the long term, but also sporadically, various environments with CUCM, IM&P, UCCX, CUC, TMS, Expressway, CUBE, CUMA, AndTek, Estos, Sikom and other components are supported.

Integration of a switching infrastructure

For a regional supplier, an outdated switching infrastructure was replaced by a VoIP-capable switching infrastructure based on Cisco Nexus. The tasks were the creation of planning, design and implementation. This infrastructure was then looked after and expansions were accompanied step by step. This also includes the connection of branch offices via an implemented Cisco ASA cluster.

Integration of Asterisk in Cicsco Unifed Communications Manager

A customer asked for an inexpensive call queue. This was realized by means of Asterisk. Calls were sent from the CUCM to the Asterisk. The latter placed them in a queue and returned them to the CUCM after an announcement. In the meantime, the CUCM offers similar possibilities based on on-board resources.

Design, implementation and operation of a decentralized CUCM-Express environment

CUCM Express or Cisco Callmanager Express is generally used locally for a few telephones. What was required here was a solution for some locations in Germany that can each work locally independently. In addition, internal calls should be made via VPN. This was done using CUCM Express.